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14 September 2017
(Originally 12 September 2017)
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25 January 2018

Get Fit for CHI 2018 – EFFORTLESSLY

Get Fit for CHI

– m.c. schraefel, @mcphoo

Are you ready for the new year?

Did you promise yourself you’d be sharper, fitter, healthier? Write more and better papers; be the best intellectual, designer, researcher you can be? Or if not best, well, better – leaner, stronger, healthier – something like that?

Got a plan?


Don’t quite have a plan? Or thinking of re-using a plan that didn’t quite lead to lasting results last time – where you say to yourself, well there was nothing wrong with the plan; it was you?? If you’d just been a better person it would have worked?

Also Fantastic! Possibly insane (that is to do the same thing expecting a different result) but the thing that’s fantastic is that you’re geared up to DO SOMETHING – to love yourself and the folks around you a little more by finding a path to feel better.

Feel better might be: less stressed, less tired, more energy, less non-contractile tissue, more time to be with the ones you love; more ideas, better more consistent delivery.

More Fantastic.

Guess what? You’re already doing everything you need to be doing to be the best you you can be. Guaranteed.

Tune Up

All that’s needed – and really, all that’s needed – is just to TUNE what you’re already doing – dial it in to work for YOU. And there’s not that much that needs tuning. Really.

Want to find out how to be nicer, sharper, happier, svelter, faster without trying to be fitter, sharper, nicer, svelter, happier? Game on.

Dial In

We have almost 16 weeks till CHI – in that time, i’m going to post some ideas that have all been field tested that can help you do THREE important things to have the best CHI ever:

  1. EXPLORE concepts around tuning what you already do so you can feel better; be your better you.
  2. TEST the concepts for yourself to see how they work for you – to gain the skills to dial them in for yourself
  3. PRACTICE these tweaks between now and CHI – since we’re talking more about practice than habit – and we’ll talk more about that difference anon.

Taking the above approach, you’ll have time to learn some new skills so that by the time CHI comes around you’ll have practiced how to thrive even in the strange landscape that is Planet CHI Mega Conference.

You know (or you’ll learn) what that Planet experience means: where you’re coping with strange time zone, sub optimal or uber rich food, strees of meeting new people or presenting work or making sure you’re getting the most out of a session, sleep disruption, the prospect of sitting, and sitting, and sitting.

Resilience for Brilliance

The thesis of this 16 week mission – should you choose to accept it or explore it and test it and practice it – is that to get to (effortless) Brilliance we all need Resilience. Over the coming weeks we’re going to look at 5 simple ways that, if you test them for yourself, and practice them throughout this period, you’ll have the best CHI ever – and a few other life benefits beside.

I’m bringing you a science based – field tested approach to build a Resilience Practice that will deliver Greater Brilliance as a side effect. But because it’s Science – the approach is to TEST everything – there’ll be weekly experiments for you to test (if you wish)

Fringe Benefits:

For those who want to burn off some of the Holiday Fat? While fat burning is not the focus of this series, many folks i’ve worked with in this same process report fat loss as a side effect of the journey. WHich reminds me: there are side effects/ risks, so let me share a few – full disclosure.

Reported Side Effects:

  • People bugging you to find out what you’re taking now that you’re so much nicer/happier
  • Needing to find more time for more nuggy.
  • Having to cope with more and/or better results and insights leading to more/better outputs
  • Wondering what to do with your extra time since you’re waking up earlier with less effort and getting more done
  • Feeling like you’re cheating, because things you used to find challenging start to feel easy.

Not kidding. These are all coming from previous participants.

Tomorrow (friday) we’ll talk about the road map for the first five weeks of this Grand Experiment in Resilience to Brilliance.


Why Trust Me?

i’m m.c. – your CHI Health Chair – besides being a prof in the uk in Computer Science and Human Performance, i’m also a certified nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and movement coach (and i’m insured for just this kind of coaching).

I work with a range of folks from those wanting to get a little leaner to athletes recovering from injury. I also have worked with businesses that want to improve their creative edge – as effortlessly as possible.

Find me on

If you’re interested in learning about this area of physical / mental connection – learning a bit more about kinesiology to the microbiome to inform design – i’m doing a CHI course, (From Resilience to Brilliance) come on and let’s dig into it.


if you’d like to explore research around body-centered computing – what the implications for design are from learning about how we work under (and on and around) the skin, please join us for our CHI workshop The Body as a Starting Point – no position papers required: just your interest – and a short form – and a deadline a month from now – so start of FEB.

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