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14 September 2017
(Originally 12 September 2017)
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25 January 2018

Going Green: Week 1, Experiment 1 of Get Fit for (CHI) 2018 (#gf4c18)

By m.c. schraefel – chi Health Chair – @mcphoo

Last Friday’s post described how to prepare for the Green Box for this week’s Get Fit for CHI (#gf4c18) practice. As said, the protocol for this week is really simple: , anytime you eat something this week, have something green *first.*

Greens and chocolate

Assuming you’ve done that prep, now it’s time to go for it.

I also suggested a couple of pre-tests you might want to do if you feel like geeking out around your creativity, but those are Above and Beyond.


The basic focus of this week is simply to let yourself focus on what happens when you privilege green at EACH “feeding” (each time you eat anything) for one week.


Remember, the tracking is also simple:

  • Did you eat something? Yes/NO
  • If yes, Did you have something green first? Yes/no
  • If yes, what?

That tracking will let you measure compliance. Believe it or not, compliance/consistency is the biggest part of experiencing an effect.


Now you might want to know: why bother with this greening up experiment? Especially if you already have some green say once a day why bother with more?

To answer the last part first:
this is an experiment – so the protocol is amping up what might already be normal – or it might be introducing something pretty novel in eating practices for many. But you can likely think up at least half a dozen reasons why having a focus on a green-ness each feeding will be useful for assessing response(s).

It may seem weird having something green each time you eat this week, but that’s the beauty of an experiment: you know you only have to suck it up for a week. And then assess and tweak from there.

To answer the first part – why bother?
Greens have a lot to do with the foundation layer of everything else we need, and, simply put, just don’t get when most of our diet is within the shades of white to yellow.


I’m loath to talk about other effects that are supported with the green goodness until later in the week as I don’t want to prejudice your experience about what you find happens. For right now may I just offer that greens have the highest ratio of good and necessary stuff per serving compared with just about anything else.

Red + Green Box Bonus Note

And for those who are doing the Red + Green protocol (also described in the last post), and who do Red that Had Eyes (as opposed to plant based reds), here’s a possibly unexpected RED: offal. Yes if you want the most bang for your nutrient buck, it’s the organs that kick it.

Again, same protocol as green, each time you eat, have whatever you want, just remember: a red and a green first, then anything else you’d like. Really. All our experiments are additive; not denying/subtracting anything.


If you’re participating in this wonderful experiment, please let me know – drop a comment/question here or on twitter @mcphoo.


Why Trust Me?

i’m m.c. – your CHI Health Chair – besides being a prof in the uk in Computer Science and Human Performance, i’m also a certified nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and movement coach (and i’m insured for just this kind of coaching).

I work with a range of folks from those wanting to get a little leaner to athletes recovering from injury. I also have worked with businesses that want to improve their creative edge – as effortlessly as possible.

Find me on

If you’re interested in learning about this area of physical / mental connection – learning a bit more about kinesiology to the microbiome to inform design – i’m doing a CHI course, (From Resilience to Brilliance) come on and let’s dig into it.


if you’d like to explore research around body-centered computing – what the implications for design are from learning about how we work under (and on and around) the skin, please join us for our CHI workshop The Body as a Starting Point – no position papers required: just your interest – and a short form – due by Feb 2.


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