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Best of CHI


The SIGCHI “Best of CHI” awards honor exceptional submissions to SIGCHI sponsored conferences.

The CHI Associate Chairs nominated 4% of the Paper submissions. 101 papers and notes received Honorable Mention, designated by a medallion logo.

bestThe separate Best Papers committee selected the top 1% of total submissions. 25 Papers received a Best Paper award, designated by a trophy logo.

In addition to the Papers & Notes awards, we also have three Video Showcase award categories: The Golden Mouse Award has been awarded annually since the creation of the Video Showcase in 2009. It is a “best of show” award and recognizes the best overall submission to the showcase in terms of both content and presentation value. The Best Design Study Award is this year’s “jury’s choice” award and recognizes a video for making a potential design feel sensitive, real, and vivid. The Best Design Exploration Award is also this year’s “jury’s choice” award and recognizes a video that explores a device design with a very different approach.

Winners of Student Competitions are announced in the Closing Plenary session. Congratulations to the 2018 award winners and nominees for their outstanding contributions to CHI 2018 and to our field.

bestCHI 2018 Best Papers

Agile 3D Sketching with Air Scaffolding
Yongkwan Kim, Sang-Gyun An, Joon Hyub Lee, Seok-Hyung Bae

Pinpointing: Precise Head- and Eye-Based Target Selection for Augmented Reality
Mikko Kytö, Barrett Ens, Thammathip Piumsomboon, Gun A. Lee, Mark Billinghurst

Data Illustrator: Augmenting Vector Design Tools with Lazy Data Binding for Expressive Visualization Authoring
Zhicheng Liu, John Thompson, Alan Wilson, Mira Dontcheva, James Delorey, Sam Grigg, Bernard Kerr, John Stasko

Keeping a Low Profile? Technology, Risk and Privacy among Undocumented Immigrants
Tamy Guberek, Allison McDonald, Sylvia Simoni, Abraham H. Mhaidli, Kentaro Toyama, Florian Schaub

“A Stalker’s Paradise”: How Intimate Partner Abusers Exploit Technology
Diana Freed, Jackeline Palmer, Diana Minchala, Karen Levy, Thomas Ristenpart, Nicola Dell

Streets for People: Engaging Children in Placemaking Through a Socio-technical Process
Sean Peacock, Robert Anderson, Clara Crivellaro

Addressing Age-Related Bias in Sentiment Analysis
Mark Diaz, Isaac Johnson, Amanda Lazar, Anne Marie Piper, Darren Gergle

From Her Story, to Our Story: Digital Storytelling as Public Engagement around Abortion Rights Advocacy in Ireland
Lydia Michie, Madeline Balaam, John McCarthy, Timur Osadchiy, Kellie Morrissey

Gender Recognition or Gender Reductionism? The Social Implications of Automatic Gender Recognition Systems
Foad Hamidi, Morgan Klaus Scheuerman, Stacy M Branham

How Relevant are Incidental Power Poses for HCI?
Yvonne Jansen, Kasper Hornbæk

Voice Interfaces in Everyday Life
Martin Porcheron, Joel E Fischer, Stuart Reeves, Sarah Sharples

Examining Wikipedia With a Broader Lens: Quantifying the Value of Wikipedia’s Relationships with Other Large-Scale Online Communities
Nicholas Vincent, Isaac Johnson, Brent Hecht

Semi-Automated Coding for Qualitative Research: A User-Centered Inquiry and Initial Prototypes
Megh Marathe, Kentaro Toyama

Let’s Talk About Race: Identity, Chatbots, and AI
Ari Schlesinger, Kenton P O’Hara, Alex S Taylor

Making as Expression:  Informing Design with People with Complex Communication Needs through Art Therapy
Amanda Lazar, Jessica L. Feuston, Caroline Edasis, Anne Marie Piper

Wall++: Room-Scale Interactive and Context-Aware Sensing
Yang Zhang, Chouchang Yang, Scott E Hudson, Chris Harrison, Alanson Sample

HARK No More: On the Preregistration of CHI Experiments
Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin, Alan Dix

Expressive Time Series Querying with Hand-Drawn Scale-Free Sketches
Miro Mannino, Azza Abouzied

Project Zanzibar: A Portable and Flexible Tangible Interaction Platform
Nicolas Villar, Daniel Cletheroe, Greg Saul, Christian Holz, Tim Regan, Oscar Salandin, Misha Sra, Hui-Shyong Yeo, William Field, Haiyan Zhang

Experiencing the Body as Play
Florian Mueller, Richard Byrne, Josh Andres, Rakesh Patibanda

Making Core Memory: Design Inquiry into Gendered Legacies of Engineering and Craftwork
Daniela K. Rosner, Samantha Shorey, Brock R. Craft, Helen Remick

Design for Collaborative Survival:  An Inquiry into Human-Fungi Relationships
Jen Liu, Daragh Byrne, Laura Devendorf

Design Within a Patriarchal Society: Opportunities and Challenges in Designing for Rural Women in Bangladesh
Sharifa Sultana, François Guimbretière, Phoebe Sengers, Nicola Dell

Hoarding and Minimalism: Tendencies in Digital Data Preservation
Francesco Vitale, Izabelle Janzen, Joanna McGrenere

Extending Manual Drawing Practices with Artist-Centric Programming Tools
Jennifer Jacobs, Joel Brandt, Radomir Mech, Mitchel Resnick


CHI 2018 Honorable Mentions

Morphees+: Studying Everyday Reconfigurable Objects  for the Design and Taxonomy of Reconfigurable UIs
Hyunyoung Kim, Celine Coutrix, Anne Roudaut

Haptic Revolver: Touch, Shear, Texture, and Shape Rendering on a Reconfigurable Virtual Reality Controller
Eric Whitmire, Hrvoje Benko, Christian Holz, Eyal Ofek, Mike Sinclair

Visuo-Haptic Illusions for Improving the Perceived Performance of Shape Displays
Parastoo Abtahi, Sean Follmer

DeepWriting: Making Digital Ink Editable via Deep Generative Modeling
Emre Aksan, Fabrizio Pece, Otmar Hilliges

Tangible Landscape: A Hands-on Method for Teaching Terrain Analysis
Garrett C. Millar, Payam Tabrizian, Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras, Brendan Harmon, Helena Mitasova, Ross K. Meetenmeyer

D-SWIME: A Design Space for Smartwatch Interaction Techniques Supporting Mobility and Encumbrance
Gaganpreet Singh, William Delamare, Pourang Irani

HCI meets Material Science: A Literature Review of Morphing Materials for the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces
Isabel P. S. Qamar, Rainer Groh, David Holman, Anne Roudaut

Who Provides Phishing Training? Facts, Stories, and People Like Me
Rick Wash, Molly M Cooper

Balancing Privacy and Information Disclosure in Interactive Record Linkage with Visual Masking
Eric D Ragan, Hye-Chung Kum, Gurudev Ilangovan, Han Wang

DataInk: Direct and Creative Data-Oriented Drawing
Haijun Xia, Nathalie Henry Riche, Fanny Chevalier, Bruno De Araujo, Daniel Wigdor

Contextualizing Privacy Decisions for Better Prediction (and Protection)
Primal Wijesekera, Joel Reardon, Irwin Reyes, Lynn Tsai, Jung-Wei Chen, Nathan Good, David Wagner, Konstantin Beznosov, Serge Egelman

Uncertainty Displays Using Quantile Dotplots or CDFs Improve Transit Decision-Making
Michael Fernandes, Logan Walls, Sean Munson, Jessica Hullman, Matthew Kay

When David Meets Goliath: Combining Smartwatches with a Large Vertical Display for Visual Data Exploration
Tom Horak, Sriram Karthik Badam, Niklas Elmqvist, Raimund Dachselt

TopoText: Context-Preserving Text Data Exploration Across Multiple Spatial Scales
Jiawei Zhang, Chittayong Surakitbanharn, Niklas Elmqvist, Ross Maciejewski, Zhenyu Qian, David S. Ebert

Coco’s Videos: An Empirical Investigation of Video-Player Design Features and Children’s Media Use
Alexis Hiniker, Sharon S. Heung, Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Julie A. Kientz

Mismatch of Expectations: How Modern Learning Resources Fail Conversational Programmers
April Y. Wang, Ryan Mitts, Philip J. Guo, Parmit K. Chilana

Interactive Guidance Techniques for Improving Creative Feedback
Tricia J Ngoon, C. Ailie Fraser, Ariel S Weingarten, Mira Dontcheva, Scott Klemmer

Digital Exhibit Labels in Museums: Promoting Visitor Engagement with Cultural Artifacts
Jessica Roberts, Amartya Banerjee, Annette Hong, Steven McGee, Michael Horn, Matt Matcuk

Empowering Families Facing English Literacy Challenges to Jointly Engage in Computer Programming
Rahul Banerjee, Leanne Liu, Kiley Sobel, Caroline Pitt, Kung Jin Lee, Meng Wang, Sijin Chen, Lydia Davison, Jason C Yip, Andrew J Ko, Zoran Popović

Methods for Evaluation of Imperfect Captioning Tools by Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Users at Different Reading Literacy Levels
Larwan Berke, Sushant Kafle, Matt Huenerfauth

Comparing Computer-Based Drawing Methods for Blind People with Real-Time Tactile Feedback
Jens Bornschein, Denise Bornschein, Gerhard Weber

Design Opportunities for AAC and Children with Severe Speech and Physical Impairments
Seray B Ibrahim, Asimina Vasalou, Michael Clarke

Caption Crawler: Enabling Reusable Alternative Text Descriptions using Reverse Image Search
Darren Guinness, Edward Cutrell, Meredith Morris

CodeTalk: Improving Programming Environment Accessibility for Visually Impaired Developers
Venkatesh Potluri, Priyan Vaithilingam, Suresh Iyengar, Y. Vidhya, Manohar Swaminathan, Gopal Srinivasa

Exploration and Explanation in Computational Notebooks
Adam Rule, Aurélien Tabard, James D. Hollan

Investigating the Impact of Gender on Rank in Resume Search Engines
Le Chen, Ruijun Ma, Aniko Hannak, Christo Wilson

Bottom-Up Imaginaries: The Cultural-Technical Practice of Inventing Regional Advantage through IT R&D
Guo Freeman, Shaowen Bardzell, Jeffrey Bardzell

Measuring Employment Demand Using Internet Search Data
Stevie Chancellor, Scott Counts

ConceptScape: Collaborative Concept Mapping for Video Learning
Ching Liu, Juho Kim, Hao-Chuan Wang

In a New Land: Mobile Phones, Amplified Pressures and Reduced Capabilities
Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Rikke Bjerg Jensen, Reem Talhouk

Storyboard-Based Empirical Modeling of Touch Interface Performance
Alix Goguey, Géry Casiez, Andy Cockburn, Carl Gutwin

Neuromechanics of a Button Press
Antti Oulasvirta, Sunjun Kim, Byungjoo Lee

Sensing Interruptibility in the Office: A Field Study on the Use of Biometric and Computer Interaction Sensors
Manuela Züger, Sebastian C Müller, André N Meyer, Thomas Fritz

Eliciting Users’ Demand for Interface Features
Oded Nov, Han Su

Observations on Typing from 136 Million Keystrokes
Vivek Dhakal, Anna Maria Feit, Per Ola Kristensson, Antti Oulasvirta

Practices and Technology Needs of a Network of Farmers in Tharaka, Kenya
Erick Oduor, Peninah Waweru, Jonathan Lenchner, Carman Neustaedter

Making Sense of Blockchain Applications: A Typology for HCI
Chris Elsden, Arthi Manohar, Jo Briggs, Mike Harding, Chris Speed, John Vines

Complex Mediation in the Formation of Political Opinions
Yubo Kou, Bonnie Nardi

The Benefits and Challenges of Video Calling for Emergency Situations
Carman Neustaedter, Brennan Jones, Kenton O’Hara, Abigail Sellen

Perspective on and Re-orientation of Physical Proxies in Object-Focused Remote Collaboration
Martin Feick, Terrance Mok, Anthony Tang, Lora Oehlberg, Ehud Sharlin

Confronting Social Criticisms: Challenges when Adopting Data-Driven Policing Strategies
Nitya Verma, Lynn Dombrowski

I Lead, You Help But Only with Enough Details: Understanding User Experience of Co-Creation with Artificial Intelligence
Changhoon Oh, Jungwoo Song, Jinhan Choi, Seonghyeon Kim, Sungwoo Lee, Bongwon Suh

Which one is me? Identifying Oneself on Public Displays
Mohamed Khamis, Christian Becker, Andreas Bulling, Florian Alt

Phone vs. Tangible in Museums: A Comparative Study
Daniela Petrelli, Sinead O’Brien

Evaluating CoBlox: A Comparative Study of Robotics Programming Environments for Adult Novices
David Weintrop, Afsoon Afzal, Jean Salac, Patrick Francis, Boyang Li, David C Shepherd, Diana Franklin

The Dream is Collapsing: The Experience of Exiting VR
Jarrod Knibbe, Jonas Schjerlund, Mathias Petraeus, Kasper Hornbæk

Feel the Movement: Real Motion Influences Responses to Take-over Requests in Highly Automated Vehicles
Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni, Susanne CJ Boll, Wilko Heuten, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Lewis Chuang

Traces: Studying a Public Reactive Floor-Projection of Walking Trajectories to Support Social Awareness
Beatrice Monastero, David K McGookin

Ripple Thermostat: Affecting the Emotional Experience through Interactive Force Feedback and Shape Change
Anke van Oosterhout, Miguel Bruns Alonso, Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö

A Bermuda Triangle? – A Review of Method Application and Triangulation in User Experience Evaluation
Ingrid Pettersson, Florian Lachner, Anna-Katharina Frison, Andreas Riener, Andreas Butz

Designing and Evaluating mHealth Interventions for Vulnerable Populations: A Systematic Review
Elizabeth Stowell, Mercedes C. Lyson, Herman Saksono, Renée C. Wurth, Holly Jimison, Misha Pavel, Andrea G. Parker

“Suddenly, we got to become therapists for each other”: Designing Peer Support Chats for Mental Health
Kathleen O’Leary, Stephen M. Schueller, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Wanda Pratt

More Text Please! Understanding and Supporting the Use of Visualization for Clinical Text Overview
Nicole Sultanum, Michael Brudno, Daniel Wigdor, Fanny Chevalier

Seismo: Blood Pressure Monitoring using Built-in Smartphone Accelerometer and Camera
Edward Jay Wang, Junyi Zhu, Mohit Jain, Tien-jui Lee, Elliot Saba, Lama Nachman, Shwetak N Patel 

Exploring Co-design with Breastfeeding Mothers
Chelsea-Joy Wardle, Mitchell Green, Christine Wanjiru Mburu, Melissa Densmore

Designing a Reclamation of Body and Health: Cancer Survivor Tattoos as Coping Ritual
Jordan Eschler, Arpita Bhattacharya, Wanda Pratt

Exploring the Design of Tailored Virtual Reality Experiences for People with Dementia
James Hodge, Madeline Balaam, Sandra Hastings, Kellie Morrissey

ECGLens: Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Scale ECG Data for Arrhythmia Detection
Ke Xu, Shunan Guo, Nan Cao, David Gotz, Aiwen Xu, Huamin Qu, Zhenjie Yao, Yixin Chen

BIGFile: Bayesian Information Gain for Fast File Retrieval
Wanyu Liu, Olivier Rioul, Joanna McGrenere, Wendy Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

Use the Force Picker, Luke: Space-Efficient Value Input on Force-Sensitive Mobile Touchscreens
Christian Corsten, Simon Voelker, Andreas Link, Jan Borchers

HapCube: A Wearable Tactile Device to Provide Tangential and Normal Pseudo-Force Feedback on a Fingertip
Hwan Kim, HyeonBeom Yi, Hyein Lee, Woohun Lee

Off-Line Sensing: Memorizing Interactions in Passive 3D-Printed Objects
Martin Schmitz, Martin Herbers, Niloofar Dezfuli, Sebastian Günther, Max Mühlhäuser

Multiray: Multi-Finger Raycasting for Large Displays
Fabrice Matulic, Daniel Vogel

ExtVision: Augmentation of Visual Experiences with Generation of Context Images for a Peripheral Vision Using DNN
Naoki Kimura, Jun Rekimoto

WrisText: One-handed Text Entry on Smartwatch using Wrist Gestures
Jun Gong, Zheer Xu, Qifan Guo, Teddy Seyed, Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen, Xiaojun Bi, Xing-Dong Yang

In Search of the Dream Team: Temporally Constrained Multi-Armed Bandits for Identifying Effective Team Structures
Sharon Zhou, Melissa Valentine, Michael S Bernstein

Evorus: A Crowd-powered Conversational Assistant Built to Automate Itself Over Time
Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang, Joseph Chee Chang, Jeffrey P. Bigham

MatchSticks: Woodworking through Improvisational Digital Fabrication
Rundong Tian, Sarah Sterman, Ethan Chiou, Jeremy Warner, Eric Paulos

ChromaGlasses: Computational Glasses for Compensating Colour Blindness
Tobias Langlotz, Jonathan Sutton, Stefanie Zollmann, Yuta Itoh, Holger Regenbrecht

Interactive Extraction of Examples from Existing Code
Andrew Head, Elena L. Glassman, Bjoern Hartmann, Marti A. Hearst

Empirical Support for a Causal Relationship Between Gamification and Learning Outcomes
Paul Denny, Fiona McDonald, Ruth Empson, Philip Kelly, Andrew Petersen

BreathVR: Leveraging Breathing as a Directly Controlled Interface for Virtual Reality Games
Misha Sra, Xuhai Xu, Pattie Maes

Bots & (Main)Frames: Exploring the Impact of Tangible Blocks and Collaborative Play in an Educational Programming Game
Edward F Melcer, Katherine Isbister

Extracting Design Guidelines for Wearables and Movement in Tabletop Role-Playing Games via a Research Through Design Process
Oguz Turan Buruk, Oguzhan Ozcan

Cooperating to Compete:  the Mutuality of Cooperation and Competition in Boardgame Play
Melissa J Rogerson, Martin R Gibbs, Wally Smith

The Privilege of Immersion: Racial and Ethnic Experiences, Perceptions, and Beliefs in Digital Gaming
Cale J. Passmore, Max V. Birk, Regan L Mandryk

On the Design of OLO Radio: Investigating Metadata as a Design Material
William Odom, Tijs Duel

Intermodulation: Improvisation and Art Practice for HCI
Laewoo (Leo) Kang, Steven J. Jackson, Phoebe Sengers

Lessons from the Woodshop: Cultivating Design with Living Materials
Kristin N Dew, Daniela K Rosner

Philosophers Living with the Tilting Bowl
Ron Wakkary, Doenja Oogjes, Henry W.J. Lin, Sabrina Hauser

Towards Algorithmic Experience: Initial Efforts for Social Media Contexts
Oscar Alvarado, Annika Waern

Digital Joinery For Hybrid Carpentry
Shiran Magrisso, Moran Mizrahi, Amit Zoran

Making Problems in Design Research: The Case of Teen Shoplifters on Tumblr
Enrique Encinas, Mark Blythe, Shaun Lawson, John Vines, Jayne Wallace, Pam Briggs

The SelfReflector: Design, IoT and the High Street
Jayne Wallace, Jon Rogers, Michael Shorter, Pete Thomas, Martin Skelly, Richard Cook

Interactive Interior and Proxemics Thresholds: Empowering Participants in Sensitive Conversations
Josephine Raun Thomsen, Peter Gall Krogh, Jacob Albæk Schnedler, Hanne Linnet

The Problem of Community Engagement: Disentangling the Practices of Municipal Government
Eric Corbett, Christopher A Le Dantec

Exploring the Value of Parent Tracked Baby Data in Interactions with Healthcare Professionals: A Data-enabled Design Exploration
Janne van Kollenburg, Sander Bogers, Heleen Rutjes, Eva Deckers, Joep Frens, Caroline Hummels

Media of Things: Supporting The Production of Metadata Rich Media Through IoT Sensing
Gerard Wilkinson, Tom Bartindale, Tom Nappey, Michael Evans, Peter Wright, Patrick Olivier

Entrepreneurship and the Socio-Technical Chasm in a Lean Economy
Tawanna R. Dillahunt, Vaishnav Kameswaran, Desiree McLain, Minnie Lester, Delores Orr, Kentaro Toyama

Designing the Desirable Smart Home: A Study of Household Experiences and Energy Consumption Impacts
Rikke Hagensby Jensen, Yolande Strengers, Jesper Kjeldskov, Larissa Nicholls, Mikael B. Skov

The Hide and Seek of Workspace: Towards Human-Centric Sustainable Architecture
Hamed S Alavi, Himanshu Verma, Jakub Mlynar, Denis Lalanne

A Data-Driven Analysis of Workers’ Earnings on Amazon Mechanical Turk
Kotaro Hara, Abigail Adams, Kristy Milland, Saiph Savage, Chris Callison-Burch, Jeffrey P. Bigham

Everything We Do, Everything We Press: Data-Driven Remote Performance Management in a Mobile Workplace
Lyndsey L Bakewell, Konstantina Vasileiou, Kiel S Long, Mark Atkinson, Helen Rice, Manuela Barreto, Julie Barnett, Michael Wilson, Shaun Lawson, John Vines

[Un]breaking News: Design Opportunities for Enhancing Collaboration in Scientific Media Production
C. Estelle Smith, Xinyi Wang, Raghav Pavan Karumur, Haiyi Zhu

Communication Behavior in Embodied Virtual Reality
Harrison Jesse Smith, Michael Neff

Co-constructing Family Memory: Understanding the Intergenerational Practices of Passing on Family Stories
Jasmine Jones, Mark S. Ackerman

Designing for Diabetes Decision Support Systems with Fluid Contextual Reasoning
Dmitri S. Katz, Blaine A Price, Simon Holland, Nicholas Sheep Dalton

ExtraSensory App: Data Collection In-the-Wild with Rich User Interface to Self-Report Behavior
Yonatan Vaizman, Katherine Ellis, Gert Lanckriet, Nadir Weibel

Technology and the givens of existence: Toward an existential inquiry framework in HCI research
Victor Kaptelinin

Effects of Socially Stigmatized Crowdfunding Campaigns in Shaping Opinions
Sanorita Dey, Karrie Karahalios, Wai-Tat Fu

Cognitive Load Estimation in the Wild
Lex Fridman, Bryan Reimer, Bruce Mehler, William T. Freeman


CHI 2018 Video Showcase Awards

Golden Mouse Award

Programmable Droplets for Interaction
Udayan Umapathi, Patrick Shin, Ken Nakagaki, Daniel Leithinger, Hiroshi Ishii

Best Design Study Award

Participatory Design Fiction: Community Storytelling for Speculative Urban Technologies
Karl Baumann, Ben Caldwell, François Bar, Benjamin Stokes

Best Design Exploration Award

IdleBot: Exploring Non-Engaging Interaction Design in Personal Spaces
Caroline Overgoor, Mathias Funk


CHI 2018 Student Design Competition


Wearable Aura: Interactive Personal Projection to Bring People Closer
Laura Lugaresi, Dingding Zheng, Kaiyuan Lin (Keio University)


NaviiCompass: An Exploratory Feedback System for an Urban Farm Community
Jessica Andrich, Diana Beirl, Tassilo Nick Bouwman, Anouk Zarah Harde, Tim Serkes (University College London)

Small Donation – Big Impact: Visualizing Charitable Donations
Ruoxun Chen, Aditya More, Marshall Robbins, Dou Tian (Indiana University)

One Step: Interactive Posters to Raise Awareness of Poverty
Courtney Michalsky, Stephanie Sykora, Lauren Toler (Texas A&M University)

CHI 2018 Student Research Competition

Graduate level:

Digital Technologies and their Role in Intimate Partner Violence
Roxanne Leito (University of the Arts London)

2nd Place:
“One Big Digital Family: Examining Social Media and Social Support in the Development of Youth‚ “At-Risk”
Jennifer Pierre (University of California, LA)

3rd Place:
Reflex: Learning beyond the Screen in a Simple, Fun, and Affordable Way
Mirko Gelsomini (Politecnico di Milano)

Undergraduate level:

Pyrus: A Collaborative Programming Game to Support Problem-Solving
Joshua Shi and Armaan Shah (Northwestern University)

2nd Place:
Cerebro: A Platform for Opportunistic Collective Experiences
Jennie Werner, Allison Sun (Northwestern University)

3rd Place:
Identifying Historical Primary Sources in Social Media for Reliable Historical Reconstruction
Sriraj Aiyer (University College London)



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