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Early Career Development Symposium

This one-day Symposium will help new PhDs develop their careers in HCI. Participants will get the opportunity to engage with senior HCI mentors and peers, and will come away with a better understanding of how they want to develop as HCI researchers. The event is open for applications from all members of the international HCI community who have received their PhDs in the past five years.


The Symposium will be modelled after the CHI Doctoral Consortia and the Career Development events at CHI 2016 and CHI 2017. Participants will make presentations and receive feedback on their professional activities and goals, followed by discussion of topics most important to the participants. Participants will also have opportunities to strengthen their professional networks with one another, and with the senior CHI mentors. Unlike the format of Doctoral Consortia, we will focus more on career challenges, and less on the contents of research programs. We will also hold a series of panels in which senior researchers discuss (a) choosing career directions; (b) developing a career trajectory; (c) getting started in professional service; and (d) issues of work/life balance. Topics may include:

  • Building a cohort group of HCI colleagues (local, institutional, and virtual)
  • Establishing a successful career path in academia, industry, and/or the nonprofit sector
  • Fitting into departments e.g., what if I am the only HCI person in my department
  • Selecting and developing a research trajectory.
  • Identifying potential funding sources and preparing proposals.
  • Getting involved in professional service.
  • Communicating your work and strengthening your public profile.
  • Balancing work, family and social life.


To apply, please submit the following by email to careerdev@chi2018.acm.org:

  1. A single-authored paper (maximum of 3 pages) in SIGCHI Extended Abstract format describing:
  • Educational background and current position
  • Current research (brief overview, for context only)
  • Current challenges/experiences
  • Career, research and professional service goals for the next 5-7 years.
  • What you hope to gain from participating in the Symposium.
  1. Your long-form CV, including links to your website, blog or other public web presence (if available).


Note: Submissions will be distributed only among the participants, and will be considered confidential. There will be no publication of submissions to the Symposium.

  • 15 January 2018: Submissions due
  • 29 January 2018: Decisions announced
  • 12 February 2018: Final versions due
  • 21 April 2018: Early Career Development Symposium

Michael Muller, IBM Research
Geraldine Fitzpatrick, TU Wien


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