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14 September 2017
(Originally 12 September 2017)
Papers: Title, abstract, authors, subcommittee choice, and all other metadata
Updates on PCS problems

19 September 2017
Papers: Submission files

11 October 2017
Doctoral Consortium
Case Studies
Art Exhibition

13 October 2017

27 October 2017
Art Exhibition

2 January 2018
Student Design Competition
Student Research Competition

15 January 2018
Career Development Day
Late-Breaking Work
Panels & Fireside Chats
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Video Showcase

CHI Proceedings Format

CHI uses two formats for submissions: “Proceedings” and “Extended Abstracts”. All submissions should be made via Precision Conference.

CHI Proceedings Format

These templates should be used for submitting CHI Papers. Please see the CHI Extended Abstracts format (below) for other submission types.

CHI Extended Abstracts Format

These template should be used for submitting to the workshops, courses, case studies, doctoral consortium, panels, interactivity, SIGs, works-in-progress, alt.chi, and student competitions venues. Please see the CHI Proceedings format (above) for submitting CHI Papers.

Digital Accessibility

The CHI 2018 conference committee is asking all authors to work on improving the accessibility of their submissions. Please see the Guide to an Accessible Submission for more details.

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