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Past Deadlines

14 September 2017
(Originally 12 September 2017)
Papers: Title, abstract, authors, subcommittee choice, and all other metadata
Updates on PCS problems

19 September 2017
Papers: Submission files

11 October 2017
Doctoral Consortium
Case Studies
Accepted Courses

13 October 2017
Accepted Workshops/Symposia

27 October 2017
Art Exhibition

22 November 2017
Paper rebuttals are due at 20:00 EST (8pm in Montreal)

2 January 2018
Student Design Competition
Student Research Competition

15 January 2018
Early Career Development Symposium
Late-Breaking Work
Panels & Roundtable Discussions
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Video Showcase

25 January 2018

8 March 2018
1 March 2018
Early Registration Deadline

Intro to CHI

CHI 2018 has a wide variety of technical content for you to attend at the conference. It includes: Papers, Journal Articles, Courses, Case Studies, Panels/Roundtable Discussions, alt.chi, SIGs, and Video Showcase. Also included are poster presentations of Late-Breaking Work, the Doctoral Consortium, the Student Research Competition, and the Student Design Competition, as well as Demonstrations and an Art Exhibition.

We distinguish between two categories of CHI material in the ACM Digital Library. Papers are the most rigorously peer reviewed and prestigious material presented at the conference, and are collected in the Conference Proceedings. The other categories of work are represented in the Extended Abstracts. These are peer-reviewed, juried, or curated, and reflect the breadth of education, research, design, artistic, scientific exploration and engineering activity within the HCI community. Most content is available on the ACM Digital Library. Journal articles are archived in their respective

Navigating CHI 2018: How do you choose?

With so many presentations happening at once, how do you choose? CHI 2018 offers the following resources to help you make the most of your conference experience:

  1. The CHI 2018 Conference Program offers at-a-glance summaries and details of all events in the main technical program, as well as times and locations.
  2. The CHI 2018 Web Program is available online and offers interactive summaries of all events in the main technical program, as well as times and locations.
  3. The CHI 2018 Conference Proceedings and Extended Abstracts are available in the ACM Digital Library, and these publications contain details of the work presented.
  4. The free SIGCHI Mobile App contains the full CHI 2018 program as well as a personal interactive schedule to help you keep track of events you would like to see. The app can be downloaded on iOS through Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. To provide feedback on the app design, please go to: http://bit.ly/sigchiapp.
  5. The CHI 2018 Video Previews are 30-second video overviews of most presentations in the main technical program. You can browse Video Previews through the CHI 2018 Web Program and on YouTube.
  6. The CHI 2018 schedule is also available through Confer, a tool for conference attendees to discover papers of their interest, get paper recommendations, create their personal schedules, and meet new colleagues with shared interests.
  7. SVs or CHI 2018 Student Volunteers are available to point you in the right direction or answer questions about the program.

Presentation Length

When there are multiple presentations in a session, each presentation is 20 minutes, making it possible for you to “session hop” if you wish. If there are particular presentations that you would like to attend in sessions occurring at the same time, you may be able to move between the sessions to see particular presentations in each.

Audience Questions

Plenaries, Invited Talks, and selected technical program sessions will use sli.do to organize and moderate questions. Visit http://sli.do, use the event code #chi2018, and select your room to ask or vote for questions.

Standing Area

CHI 2018 paper sessions will feature a chair-free area at the back and sides of most paper presentation rooms to facilitate standing as an alternative to sitting in the provided chairs.

Technical Program Venues

It can sometimes be challenging to navigate the large variety of venues in our technical program. Here is a brief description of each of the venues, so you can more easily choose what you’d like to see.


20-minute presentations for Papers

These rigorously peer-reviewed presentations are equivalent to journal articles in other fields, and form the core of CHI’s technical program.

Journal Articles

20-minute presentations

Several HCI journals invite authors from papers published in the last year to present at CHI. This year, we feature papers from ACM TOCHI, HCI Journal, Foundations and Trends in HCI, and ACM TSC.

Case Studies

20-minute presentations

Case Studies describe examples of best practices in human-computer interaction. The goal is to explain methods that deliver reliable, high-quality results based on real-world experience and to present the lessons learned.

Panels & Roundtable Discussions

80-minute sessions

Panels are an interactive, discussion-oriented forum in which panelists present and debate a chosen topic, whereas roundtable discussions are forums in which the moderators pose questions to the audience for discussion.


20-minute presentations

alt.chi is a forum for controversial, risk-taking, and boundary-pushing presentations at CHI. alt.chi presentations are often innovative in format as well as content.


One, two, or three 80-minute units

Courses provide professional development opportunities for existing and prospective HCI community members. Preregister to receive the course notes and an identifier on your badge that permits entry to the course. You may register for any unfilled courses at the Registration Desk.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

80-minute sessions

SIGs offer a forum for conference attendees who share similar interests to discuss a specified topic. Previous SIGs have launched new conferences and publications or generated new CHI activities.

Video Showcase

80-minute session

The CHI 2018 Video Showcase features engaging videos that offer a variety of perspectives on human-computer interaction, including novel interfaces, reflective pieces and future envisionments.

Demonstrations at CHI 2018 Expo

Hands-on demonstrations

2018 represents the 50th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart’s Mother of All Demos, and we are not going to let this occasion pass unnoticed. Demonstrations are a high-visibility, high-impact forum of the Technical Program that allow attendees to engage with research prototypes, novel interactive techniques, artworks, design experiences, and inspirational technologies. Come engage with Demonstrations at the CHI 2018 Expo (Monday 18:00 – 21:00, Exhibit Hall/220BC). Plan your experience using the Demonstrations map in the CHI 2018 Web Program.

Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium posters will be on display. Doctoral Consortium students are available to discuss their research during the Tuesday morning coffee break.

Student Research Competition

The Student Research Competition (SRC) is a branch of the ACM Student Research Competition. Students’ posters are highlighted during the Tuesday afternoon break and on display Tuesday – Thursday in Exhibit Hall/220BC. The SRC jury selects finalists who present their work and answer questions in a closed session on Monday (11:30 – 12:50, Room 520F). Final presentations are held on Wednesday (14:00 – 17:20, Room 514C), and winners are announced at the Closing Plenary.

Student Design Competition

The Student Design Competition (SDC) challenges students from around the globe to contribute to the CHI 2018 theme, “Engage,” by “Engaging Communities.” Students were asked to use human-centered design approaches to develop a new way to support, empower, or change the behavior of a group around a shared area of interest. Monday (14:30 – 15:50, 16:30 – 17:50) is the Closed Jury Session. Semifinalist posters are highlighted during the Tuesday afternoon break and on display Tuesday – Thursday in Exhibit Hall/220BC. The SDC jury selects four finalists to present on Wednesday (14:00 – 15:20, Room 516C). The winner is announced at the Closing Plenary.

Late-Breaking Work (lbw)

A Late-Breaking Work submission is a concise report of recent findings or other types of innovative or thought-provoking work relevant to the CHI community. Submissions report on cutting edge or emerging work that has not been fully realized or developed, for which empirical data may not yet be available, or that has not yet reached a level of maturity expected for the fully-refereed paper process. Rotation 1 posters appear on Tuesday; authors are available to discuss their work during the Tuesday morning and afternoon breaks. Rotation 2 posters appear on Wednesday; authors are available to discuss their work during the Wednesday morning and afternoon breaks.

Art Exhibition

The CHI 2018 Art Exhibition is presented at the conference, as well as in association with La Société des Arts Technologiques (La SAT).

CHI 2018 Immersive Art Exhibition Reception Hosted at La SAT (Dome Exhibition)

Wednesday, 19:00 – 22:00

On Wednesday night only, interactive art will be presented at La SAT as part of the CHI 2018 Hospitality Reception. As a Contributing Sponsor, La SAT is providing special support for this reception. Experience La SAT’s impressive Satosphere—a 360° digital dome environment—through the CHI 2018 Immersive Art Exhibition, artworks that explore the theme of immerse: the art of present t[s]ense.

VR Lounge Art Exhibition

Tuesday – Thursday

The CHI 2018 VR Lounge houses immersive interactive virtual reality platforms. Immerse yourself in the experience and explore your capacity to embody, live, design, explore and live within the uncountable abundance of data, meaning and representation that abounds around and within us – and becomes us.

Video Showcase

Wednesday, 17:30 – 18:30

Come and enjoy the Video Showcase – a forum for human-computer interaction that leaps off the page: vision videos, reflective pieces, humor, novel interfaces, and studies will be presented through video in a plenary session, complete with popcorn and drinks! Three awards will be presented: the Golden Mouse award, the Best Design Study award, and the Best Design Exploration award.

Saturday-Sunday Events

While the main event of CHI happens on Monday-Thursday, you may be aware of several events happening on the weekend just before. Some of these are invitation only events (Doctoral Symposium, Workshops & Symposia), but some of them are new this year and open to all who register (GameJam and ScienceJam).

Doctoral Consortium – Invitation Only

Selected doctoral students present and explore their research topics with senior researchers and other students in a two-day interdisciplinary workshop. Doctoral Consortium posters are displayed in the Commons and brief descriptions appear in the CHI 2018 Extended Abstracts.

Workshops & Symposia – Invitation Only

Workshops and Symposia provide a valuable opportunity for small communities of people with diverse perspectives to engage in rich one- and two-day discussions about a topic of common interest. Participants are pre-selected based on submitted position papers, and a brief description of each Workshop and Symposium appears in the CHI 2018 Extended Abstracts.

GameJam – Open to all who register

The CHI 2018 GameJam brings members of the community together to make analog and/or digital games with the belief that creation is not only collaborative, but an underexplored area of research. CHI 2018 GameJam participants will rapidly prototype new and innovative games, and are expected to create an entirely new game from beginning to end over the weekend. The brief time span is meant to help encourage creative thinking to result in small, but innovative and experimental games.

ScienceJam – Open to all who register

GameJams and Hackathons have emerged as high-intensity meetups where small groups engage in some rapid prototyping. In the CHI 2018 ScienceJam, participants apply this principle to the rapid conceptualization, execution, and analysis of smallscale experiments, studies, or other pieces of research that can provide exploratory evidence or function as an initial step in a future research project. The ScienceJam allows for the exploration of novel ideas without much prior investment in a relaxed, yet highly focused setting.

Exhibit Hall Zones

During exhibit hall hours, there will be special zones available to all attendees to meet, work, play, chill, express yourself, and talk selfies to post on your favourite social media.


Located near the commercial exhibits, the MeetingZone is a collection of numbered tables that allow you to meet up with new colleagues and old friends. The MeetingZone will be available Monday through Thursday.


The WorkZone is available Tuesday through Thursday if you need a place to focus on your work. Charging access and work tables are provided.


The PlayZone features a number of game stations and seating so attendees can relax, observe, socialize, and ideate. The PlayZone Chairs have curated a variety of games they expect to be of interest to the CHI community. There is a selection of multiplayer, exertion, and audio-only games, and a choice of cooperative and/or competitive play. Some feature unusual and challenging interfaces—find out for yourself and Engage with Play in the Exhibit Hall Tuesday through Thursday.


Head to the Exhibit Hall Tuesday through Thursday to relax in the beanbag chairs of several ChillZones.


Find the graffiti columns in the Exhibit Hall and add to the story of CHI 2018. Use the prompts (which change daily) to express what CHI 2018 means to you.


At the front of the Exhibit Hall, find the CHI 2018 Marquee letters. Take selfies and tweet them, tagged with #chi2018.


24th April 2018
Breaking news! CHI est dans la press: comment combattre les incessantes distractions au bureau?
(How to fight the incessant distractions at the office).

21st April 2018
Registration has closed.

19th April 2018
Long flight? Download the papers and extended abstracts video previews to watch offline on the plane.

11th April 2018
Planning your trip to Montréal? Check our Montréal and Things to do in Montréal pages along with the Montréal tourist board CHI Delegates page.

9th April 2018
The CHI Expo will feature Demonstrations on Monday night. Get a sneak peak of this exciting event!

14th March 2018
The CHI18 video teaser is available, a quick overview of what's coming at CHI.

27th February 2018
The CHI 2018 Technical Program is now live.

26th January 2018
Traveling to Canada? Check out the visa requirements page.

25th January 2018
New this year! Book your hotel through the CHI registration page.

24th January 2018
CHI 2018 is excited to announce three dynamic keynote speakers who will address our theme - Engage - from differing perspectives.

23rd January 2018
Registration for CHI 2018 is open! Register now on the CHI registration site.

21st January 2018
Have children? Need support? Check out support for attendees with families at CHI 2018.

8th January 2018
Getting ready for CHI? Have a look at the CHI 2018 "Health Blog" by m.c. schraefel

4th January 2018
Direct registration for exhibitors is now open. For additional information, read “For Exhibitors”.

20th December 2017
Check out the CHI 2018 accepted courses

18th December 2017
Check out the CHI 2018 accepted workshops and symposia

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