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For Press & Media

World’s preeminent showcase for interactive technology opens April 21st

At CHI 2018, thousands of the world’s top researchers, scientists, and designers gathered to explore new ideas. Presenters from companies such as Google, Facebook and Spotify joined scholars from universities including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Waterloo to present their latest research, solve their hardest problems, learn new material and build their networks at this year’s ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, (CHI 2018) from 21 April – 26 April at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, Canada.

Our press kit offered a glimpse of what the conference had to offer. Take a look at the press reporting on CHI 2018 below.

Media Clippings


Les affaires

Cette semaine, je vous emmène… dans le futur! (English Translation)
Olivier Schmouker, les affaires, April 23, 2018

Mesdames, oubliez les sites de rencontres! (English Translation)
Olivier Schmouker, les affaires, April 23, 2018

​​La nomophobie, un bien ou un mal au travail? (English Translation)
Olivier Schmouker, les affaires, April 27, 2018

Comment combattre les incessantes distractions au bureau? (English Translation)
Olivier Schmouker, les affaires, May 3, 2018



Zukunftskonferenz CHI: Virtual Reality wird fühlbar (English Translation)
von Dennis Katrup, Deutchlandfunk, April 26, 2018



The World’s First Working Projector Smartwatch Turns Your Arm Into a Big Touchscreen
Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo, April 26, 2018

This Cheap Painting Technique Turns Walls into Giant Touch Sensors
Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo, May 2, 2018



Device helps blind, low-vision users better browse web pages
Allen Cone, UPI, April 18, 2018



​Chi 2018 Conférence: 5 choses à retenir​  (English Translation)
Antoine Fortin, INFOPRESSE, 27 April 2018



Touch-sensitive wall might let you control home devices in the future
Mallory Locklear, Engadget, April, 24th, 2018

MIT researchers turn water into ‘calm’ computer interfaces
Aaron Souppouris, Engadget, April 24, 2018


The Register

Turn that bachelor pad into a touch pad: Now you can paint buttons, sensors on your walls
Thomas Clayburn, The Register, April 24, 2018


Other Media Clippings

沓澤真二, ねとらぼ, April 12, 2018

Paint transforms walls into interactive touchpads
Byron Spice, Futurity: Research News, April 24, 2018

Scientists Make Self-Folding Materials With A 3D Printer
​Danica Simic, VW (ValueWalk) April 27, 2018​

Smart wall signifies possible new future for housing
Jakarta Post, May 1, 2018

Parents Can Take a Stand Against Apps that Take Advantage of Their Child’s Attention With Mindful Purchases
Electronics 360, Siobhan Treacy, May 2, 2018

New Bento Browser Organizes Complex Mobile Searches
Transforming Education Through Technology Journal, Dian Schaffhauser, May 2, 2018

Smart watch expands touch display to the skin
eenews, Julien Happich, May 3, 2018


Registration & Press Accreditation Form

All members of the press must register for CHI 2018. To qualify for a CHI 2018 press pass, please complete the press accreditation form.

Please Note: Even if you have qualified for a CHI press badge in the past, you must re-qualify for CHI 2018.

For any inquiries not answered in the press accreditation form, please contact Rosemary Stevens, Publicity Coordinator for CHI 2018.


24th April 2018
Breaking news! CHI est dans la press: comment combattre les incessantes distractions au bureau?
(How to fight the incessant distractions at the office).

21st April 2018
Registration has closed.

19th April 2018
Long flight? Download the papers and extended abstracts video previews to watch offline on the plane.

11th April 2018
Planning your trip to Montréal? Check our Montréal and Things to do in Montréal pages along with the Montréal tourist board CHI Delegates page.

9th April 2018
The CHI Expo will feature Demonstrations on Monday night. Get a sneak peak of this exciting event!

14th March 2018
The CHI18 video teaser is available, a quick overview of what's coming at CHI.

27th February 2018
The CHI 2018 Technical Program is now live.

26th January 2018
Traveling to Canada? Check out the visa requirements page.

25th January 2018
New this year! Book your hotel through the CHI registration page.

24th January 2018
CHI 2018 is excited to announce three dynamic keynote speakers who will address our theme - Engage - from differing perspectives.

23rd January 2018
Registration for CHI 2018 is open! Register now on the CHI registration site.

21st January 2018
Have children? Need support? Check out support for attendees with families at CHI 2018.

8th January 2018
Getting ready for CHI? Have a look at the CHI 2018 "Health Blog" by m.c. schraefel

4th January 2018
Direct registration for exhibitors is now open. For additional information, read “For Exhibitors”.

20th December 2017
Check out the CHI 2018 accepted courses

18th December 2017
Check out the CHI 2018 accepted workshops and symposia

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